Gift Bag Punch Board – It’s a Box!

I used my Gift Bag Punch Board earlier this month and thought “hmm what else could I make?” and then it hit me…a box!  So I put my brain to work and realized it would be quite easy.  Here’s the final product….


I followed the directions for the Gift Bag Punch Board but I didn’t score the gussets.  I did score the sides and I chose the small size.  Then I flipped the paper around and punched on all the score mark without rescoring or scoring the gussets again.  That left a little bit more than I wanted on the edge (I used a piece of paper 6″ X 11.5″).  I trimmed the edge to 1/2″, and then I trimmed the flaps off.   Here’s a picture…


Then I reinforced the score lines and brought up the sides to 90°, if you make one, make sure you don’t go past the 90° mark or your box won’t be square.  I only put adhesive, our new Tear & Tape, on one side flap.  The Tear & Tape is so easy to use, no scissors needed and the plastic cover doesn’t stick to your fingers like our old Sticky Strip (which I loved but fought with every time).


Next you just tuck the sides in and the top down.  I used a belly band of Painted Petals and made a a ribbon on top with the same paper.   Now I’m challenging you to take a Gift Bag Punch Board and think of another use.  What can you make?

If you don’t have a Gift Bag Punch Board hop on over to my website and pick up one for yourself.  Now, go create something sweet for somebody!

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Cardstock   Pink Pirouette and Painted Petals (retired) Tools Gift Bag Punch Board


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