My New Love!

Oh, I still LOVE my husband!  LOL I just have a new hobby/business that I love, along with my Stampin’ Up! business.  I am now  decorating T – shirts, for both children and adults, totes, cups, home decor…. all kinds of things!  Here’s a couple I’ve done recently..

Sue & Dawn

This is my sister-in-love and her bestie wearing shirts I decorated for them!  It says “Blessed by God, Spoiled by my husband”.  Which is so true in a Christian marriage.  Right?


And here is a not very good picture of custom shirts I did for some very special bakers I know.  The shirt says “Make Life Sweet” and has an adorable cupcake that has a sparkly wrapper.  The name of their company is “It’s a Sweet Thing”.  They bake and decorate custom cakes for any occasion and are the sweetest sisters.  We’ve been known to collaborate on parties, I do decor and paper goods, they make the cakes.

If you are interested in having a custom shirt, tote or cup made let me know.  I ship inside the US only.

Well have a great day!

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